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Roboconf: How we held a conference with Django


Holding a conference needs continuous efforts, especially when you're in charge of all those administration stuff. Simple solutions could end up with management death spiral, while complex systems like Redmine would be an overkill. Roboconf is the home-made solution we've brought up: a conference operation site built upon Django, with issue tracking, document organizing, notifications, and staff management all in one place. In this session, I'll describe situations we faced when organizing SITCON 2013, how Roboconf got itself implemented, what difference it has made throughout the process, and crazy stuff other folks at SITCON built around this system.

About the speaker

Law student at NTU, Administration Lead at SITCON '13/'14, open source advocate.

RSChiang,目前就讀於臺灣大學法律學系,在 SITCON 2013、2014 擔任行政組長;原先是個拿人工智慧做研究的普通高中生,去年暑假的某天突然轉職成鍵盤法律人。目前嘗試在學校推廣開源概念,大概是為了不辜負爺爺的名聲吧。


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