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Why Python is awesome – and some other languages are cool too


Switching between many languages quickly clarifies each language's strengths and weaknesses. My background is in Java – however more recently I have moved onto using Python, JavaScript and PHP, whilst dabbling in Go. My talk will cover:

  • Asynchronous programming, and the various ways it can be written in code, with reference to JavaScript and Go.
  • Packaging, how some languages do it better and worse than Python, and what Python can learn from them.
  • Unit testing in all languages is hard, but the syntactic sugar that is added can ease the pain, and make the output when your tests inevitably fail easier to read.
  • Syntax Shock, what brackets and semi-colons? Why are you not running – oh yes I need a semi-colon there.
  • Cool stuff with Magic(al) methods and Duck Typing that languages like Java would not have a hope of implementing.

This talk will highlight some of the delight I get when coming back to Python; and some of the aspects of other languages that I think would be really cool to add.


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