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My own Platform as a Service in Python, which you can do too


Over the last couple of years I have evolved my own Platform as a Service (PaaS) for hosting Django apps, and you can run it too.

I use Nginx, Circus, Chaussette, and Django, with some support from Django-environ and deployment automation using Fabric. All of that except Nginx are written in Python. Systemd is a new init process coming.

  • Circus is a process and socket manager, and gives a nice way to scale processes.
  • Chaussette WSGI server works well with Circus, as Circus can pass the socket to it.
  • Django-environ it's a library that parses environment variables or files with key-value pairs. Environment variables are used on some PaaS, but the file support I find very useful.
  • Fabric is a framework for writing system commands to be run on remote hosts, and is great for automating system administration.
  • Systemd is a new "init" process for Linux and offers some interesting possibilities for hosting Python webapps.


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