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Mezzanine: a brief primer


Mezzanine is a CMS framework built on top of Django that provides a set of primitives for building rich sites that can be managed by non-technical users.

Topics this talk will cover:

  • Where Mezzanine sits in the broader ecosystem. Mezzanine is not a stand-alone product like Drupal or Wordpress, but a set of tools. There are other tools associated with Mezzanine that provide functionality that Mezzanine itself doesn't provide
  • Structure of a Mezzanine site
  • Two techniques for managing content Page-based vs object-based; example and use-cases
  • Things Mezzanine does well Advantages of using Mezzanine over other CMS systems
  • Things Mezzanine does not do well Reasons not to use Mezzanine


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