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From nothing to daily use - How Python changed my work life


What happens when you take a Digital Preservation Analyst, an introduction to Python, and 18 months of learning? The answer is... a glut of tool building, problem solving and all round reliance on Python as a primary resource.


@ Kiwi PyCon 2013 - Sunday, 08 Sep 2013 - Track 1

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I will share my experiences of writing small python tools to help me to solve the daily challenges of my job. I'm a very novice Python coder, and have only really been using

The range of tools I've used/built include:-

file format conversion, db building/analysing, XML wrangling, text data wrangling, object administration (inc. cleaning and audit), webscraping and basic workflow automation...

I will share some (terribly coded) examples of how I solve analysis challenges, share some limitations I have found being a solo novice coder on the edge of a professional IT environment, and ask for your guidance in how to maintain the same rate of learning in the coding space.

Title will change to be something more pithy.


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