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Dashboarding with Jupyter notebooks, voila and widgets

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Sharing the result of a Jupyter notebook is currently not an easy path. With voila we are changing this. Voila is a small but important ingredient in the Jupyter ecosystem. Voila can execute notebooks, keeping the kernel connected but does not allow for arbitrary code execution, making it safe to share your notebooks with others.
With new libraries built on top of Jupyter widgets/ipywidgets (ipymaterialui and ipyvuetify) we allow beautiful modern React and Vue components to enter the Jupyter notebook. Using voila we can integrate the ipywidgets seamlessly into modern React and Vue pages, to build modern dashboards directly from a Jupyter notebook.
I will give a live example on how to transform a Jupyter notebook into a fully functional single page application with a modern (Material Design) look.

Turn your Jupyter notebook into a beautiful modern React or Vue based dashboard using voila and Jupyter widgets.


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