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A Deep Look at Logging


Stefan Baerisch - A Deep Look at Logging [EuroPython 2015] [21 July 2015] [Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain]

Do you know what your application did last night? Python logging can help you.

This talk you will show you how to implement a systematic logging approach without boilerplate code and how to set up the Python logging module for different needs in production systems. We will see how to work with log files and other logging endpoints. We will address the data protection concerns that come up when logging from application with personal information. We will also look at the performance implications of logging. We will then cover best practices - how to structure logging, what to include in a log message, and how to configure logging for different use cases.

We will use the Python standard logging module to implement logging. This talk is useful to beginners with some experience. An understanding of decorators is useful, but not required. Some experience in web programming is a plus.


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