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SQLAlchemy Drill


If you have been looking to use SQLAlchemy in one of your projects, but found the documentation a bit overwhelming then this talk is for you. If you have used SQLAlchemy but feel there are some holes in your knowledge of the library, then this talk is for you as well. At the beginning of the talk, we fire up our Python interpreter and start to explore the library in a structured way. We'll go hands on through the various parts of the SQLAlchemy. We try out the concepts of each part of the library and make sure the basics are well understood.


In this talk will introduce the audience to SQLAlchemy in a well structured way, so that basic concepts are understood. This talk will be a combination of slides and interactive code editing in IPython. Both the working of SQLAlchemy as well as best practices in using SQLAlchemy will be demonstrated.

I will demonstrate the basic workings of:

  • the SQL generation layer
  • the DDL generation
  • the ORM
  • the session
  • transactions

The used code will allow those who have their laptop with them to try the code samples for themselves.


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