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Beyond Python Enhanced Generators


[EuroPython 2011] Erik Groeneveld - 23 June 2011 in "Track Spaghetti"


Right after the introduction of PEP342 (Enhanced Generators) we started to decompose programs into generators. It was soon discovered that for real-life problems one would need something like "yield from", as is described in PEP380. At that time, we already had a similar solution called 'compose', which we adapted to PEP380.

After 5 years working with 'compose', we found a small set of other features that are essential if you want to use Enhanced Generators not only as a way of lightweight command scheduling, but also a a pipe-line, or parser. Indeed, the latter concepts are what real co-routines are about.

This talk introduces what is needed on top of PEPs 342 and 380 based on experience with decomposing big enterprise search engines into co-routines. Parts of it have been presented on SPA (2008) and EuroPython (2010). Understanding of Enhanced Generators is a prerequisite.

Experience has shown that the topic is subtle enough to require quite some time for full understanding, hence the suggestion for a 90 min slot.


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