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Keynote: Your Product is more than the Application!


All too often we see developers and system operators fail to communicate. Both teams seems to have different requirements: developers want new features and releases whilst operators want stable systems. But the fact of the matter is that both teams have the same goals. When both teams are brought together from the get-go, you notice the goals become visible again and the requirements align.

The Devops movement in IT is a critical mass of developers and IT operations aligning their ideas. It is a collection of best practices, tooling and a philophy that emphasizes on collaboration and automation. But the most important best practice a developer and IT operator requires is the art of clear and concise communication.

In this talk, I'll finally remove the confusion of what Devops really is and explain the best practices and toolsets. The talk revolves around the CALMS acronym:

  • Culture: people and process first, if you dont have the correct culture, all attempts will be fruitless.
  • Automation: remove the human error from the equation.
  • Lean: learn to adapt to situations, think outside the box and identify processes that are a waste of time
  • Measurements: If you can't measure, you can't identify and improve. Performance metrics, process metrics and even people metrics!
  • Sharing: This is the loopback in the CALMS cycle. Share your ideas and solutions with the community. Learn from the advise of other people and improve your own processes along the way.

Your product is more than the application, it is also the monitoring, the infrastructure, the constant improvement, the sharing of knowledge and the people developing it!


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