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Introduction to User Experience Design


While User Experience Design (UXD) may seem like another buzzword, it actually has deep roots in usability, visual design, information architecture, and many other areas that developers and the like may already be familiar with. UXD is not just another process, but instead a way of thinking and collaborating that should not be overlooked for cost or time reasons.

As companies continue to put more pressure on their employees to do more with less, decision makers, product managers and developers are looking for ways to solve problems quickly, while still getting high value for the company and their customers. With changing technologies, strategies and markets, and a constant push for employees to wear multiple hats and work more collaboratively, having an amazing user experience is becoming a "must have" for companies that want to remain competitive.

Developers, product managers and decision makers who are new to UXD and curious to learn more will walk away with a clear definition of User Experience Design, a knowledge of its goals and the basic components that make up a UX project, such as: User Research, UI Design, Front End Development, and Content Strategy. Attendees will also walk away with examples of how UXD can add value to a project for both the business and the users.


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